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Tobacco - More Facts

1st April 2009
Another video from Doctor Ian.

Recently we introduced FORCES viewers to Dr. Ian with his insightful video commentary "Tobacco — Some Facts". A sequel is presented at the link at bottom of this page.

This second commentary from Dr. Ian, entitled simply "Tobacco — More Facts", is a true delight. It provides rare insight into mankind's long relationship with smoke.

Somewhat like Britain's Dr. Johnson did centuries before, Dr. Ian travelled the Scottish Isles. His travels brought him to the neolithic ruins of Skara Brae on the northern Scottish islands of Orkney. He also visited the thatch-roofed Black House village of Arnol, on the Island of Lewis, where the smoke-filled Black House culture Dr. Ian discusses existed until the 1960s. The last of the inhabited Black Houses in nearby Garenin, as Dr. Ian notes, existed until 1974, and this marked the end of the Black House culture.

Dr. Ian provides us with images that recount his thoughts and reflections regarding that journey in this engrossing video. These images provide compelling visual testimony for Dr. Ian's thesis: humans have a long, intimate relationship with smoke and evolution works to make us tough and resilient.

Meanwhile, Public Health would like for us to worry and fret, to perceive ourselves as being fragile and weak. Adopting such a view won't bring gain for any of us. Rather, by adopting such a view, we would only fall as victims to those who use Public Health authority as a weapon against freedom and self-determination.

Dr. Ian delivers commentaries on a broad range of subjects. These are consistently thought provoking, compelling, and controversial. You can view all of  Dr. Ian's videos here.

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