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Smoke-in Success

3rd March 2008
The Illinois "smoke-in" organized by Jon Hemminghaus was a great success. The law chose not to intervene. Forceful resistance to the smoker pogrom will continue to grow until rational policy, respectful of the individual and of freedom of choice, is restored. There will be many battles in this war.
Supporters from throughout Illinois and elsewhere congregated and exchanged views at the hastily arranged smoke-in. Hundreds participated actively, and many passing motorists tooted support, or stopped to shake hands and lend encouragement. Public awareness and disgust regarding the smoker pogrom is finding its voice.

The smoke-in received considerable attention. It will help the cause. Softening of the Illinois ban, and of other US bans, is being proposed. That is the beginning of something bigger. Activists are finally beginning to communicate effectively. Forceful resistance is being planned and will continue to grow.

Despite what some media sources report, "softened" bans are not what the protesters are fighting for, they want back their dignity and freedom of choice, and they want those who have slandered smokers justly punished. We present articles with TV news clips from two sources here, the first fairly matter-of-fact, the second noticeably biased.

FORCES was noted in a number of news articles (not always by its correct name) as was FORCES representative Maryetta Ables (her name similarly sometimes misspelt) who addressed the protestors. We are recruiting in Illinois, as we have been doing increasingly in the US, and elsewhere.

Americans are belatedly catching on, as Europeans and others have in many cases been quicker to do, that organized, collective, and unremitting force shall be required to restore sane policy, individual dignity, and respect for freedom of choice in our societies.

Healthism is an evil ideology. It's not something to be appeased or "softened." Understand that, and fight it, or accept tyranny. We are fighting to destroy Healthism. Join us.

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From WSIL News:

(Article) (Stored Article) (Video)

From WPSD News:

(Article) (Stored Article) (Video)

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