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Another Premature Death (at Age 85)

13th February 2009
Sir John Mortimer, gourmand, drinker, smoker, freedom-fighter, eminent barrister, and creator of the fictional barrister Horace Rumpole, has passed away at age 85.
Sir John, Anti will say, has paid the proper price for the heresy of enjoying life. Any death at any age, you see, is “premature” according to Anti’s frothing statistical methods, unless of course it is the death of an Anti (example).

Mortimer eschewed his cigars for awhile but we are heartened to read that his Libertarian convictions “led him to support foxhunting and to resume smoking in old age, just to defy the ban.”

Defiance is the best reason of all to smoke today. If only for that reason we should all be smoking today.

God rest John Mortimer and long live his gloriously defiant spirit!

To see a long, tragic list of other premature, "tobacco-related" deaths that fully confirm the holy public health propaganda against smoking, click here and cringe.  If that list will not persuade you to quit smoking, nothing will.

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