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Premature Smoking Death?

13th February 2009
Last year, regular smoker,  Bir Narayan  Chaudhuri,  died prematurely at the age of 141.
While his age cannot be verified it is obvious that this man was very, very old.  In any case his longevity contradicts the anti-tobacco myth that old age and smoking are incompatible.  This fallacy is obvious yet anti-tobacco continues to preach and disperse the lie that smoking tobacco leads to an early (and painful!) death.

While the smoker from Nepal may not be the oldest man ever it is a fact that a smoker does hold the record for living the longest.  Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 at 122 years of age, holds the record and loved smoking to the end.  According to both the rabidly anti-tobacco New York Times and the Wikipedia web site, which suppresses pro-smoking information, Calment stopped smoking five years before her death.  Other reports indicated that she did quit briefly but took it up again because "not smoking makes me sad."  Whether she quit at 117 or 119 or smoked to the end it is clear that she smoked cigarettes for over one century.  So much for smoking causing premature death.

To see a long, tragic list of other premature, "tobacco-related" deaths that fully confirm the holy public health propaganda against smoking, click here and cringe.  If that list will not persuade you to quit smoking, nothing will.

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