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Ashbusters: a new delicious video from P. Williams

Phil Williams
20th February 2009
Mr. Phil Williams delights us again with a new black and white video, inspired by WWI – the imperfect war that did not get rid of the Nazis, now back in power with white coats and in 21st century format.

As it’s the case for most of the Williams videos, his productions always put a smile on our face, but they make us think and reflect on why, after so much death and destruction, we still have to fight an ideology that does not want to die, but changes just enough to camuflage itself for a new generation. What are we doing wrong? We suggest that we apply civilization and arguments against the weapons of the barbarians because we are… civilized.

Perhaps it is time to drop our fragile crystal armours, and wear harsh Roman leather to get the job done -- this time for good. There are times when civilization must use force to restore itself – and liberty. This is one of those times.

Smoke a cigarette and enjoy the show – and thank you for yet another small masterpiece, Mr. Williams!...

Click here for Part 1

Click here for Part 2

Click here for the sequel about the treason of New Labour, forcing the UK into the EU without a referendum.

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