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14th June 2017   America's new tobacco crisis
After decades of lawsuits, public campaigns and painful struggles, Americans have finally done what once seemed impossible: Most of the country has quit smoking, saving millions of lives and leading to massive reductions in cancer.

That is, unless those Americans are poor, uneducated or live in a rural area. 

14th June 2017   Optimistic About Vapor

Perhaps the most encouraging sign the industry will continue on a positive trajectory is the confirmation of Scott Gottlieb as the new FDA commissioner with a 57–42 vote in the U.S. Senate last month. Gottlieb previously had a relationship with Kure, an e-cigarette manufacturer.

“There’s some reason for optimism about the possibility of smart reform on these products because he’s a nominee who seems to understand these products,” said Conley.


13th June 2017   Health zealots want to put alcohol in plain packs
Two months ago the UK government made plain packaging of tobacco products mandatory. Now Dr. Judith Mackay, an advisor to the World Health Organisation, has suggested that graphic health warnings should also be compulsory on alcohol. This, she says, will ’de-normalise’ drinking.


13th June 2017   Bills would overhaul Michigan smoking laws
Newly-introduced legislation would make sweeping reforms to smoking laws in Michigan.

A bill introduced by Rep. Tommy Brann, R-Wyoming, would hike the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. It would also prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes, chew, cigars, pipes and hookahs to those under 21. 

13th June 2017   Smoking on the rise in France despite
Attempts by the French government to discourage the population from smoking appear to have burnt out as new figures reveal a rise in the number of smokers.
It's perhaps a cliché that the French love their cigarettes, but as they say, there's no smoke without fire.In fact new figures reveal that even despite the French government's controversial efforts to turn the population off cigarettes, the number of people smoking has gone up. 

12th June 2017   Winnipeg will study patio-smoking ban
 City hall is moving ahead with a plan to study the possibility of a patio-smoking ban with eye to having Winnipeggers butt out in public in 2018.

Council's protection, community services and parks committee voted Monday to approve a motion by Point Douglas Coun. Mike Pagtakhan (Point Douglas) to review what other Canadian municipalities do with regard to patio smoking and seek consultation on changing the current outdoor-smoking bylaw to include patios.

12th June 2017   E-cig bans ‘break world trade rules’
Trade barriers against e-cigarettes, or the outright banning of vapour products, contravene world trading regulations, delegates will hear at next week’s Global Forum on Nicotine.
Marina Foltea, managing director of Geneva-based investment consultancy Trade Pacts, will tell the GFN event in Warsaw: “Banning e-cigarettes from the market is an act of discrimination according to international trade rules.” 

12th June 2017   Air pollution more harmful to children in cars
Children are at risk of dangerous levels of air pollution in cars because exposure to toxic air is often far higher inside than outside vehicles, a former government chief scientific adviser has warned. 

10th June 2017   Who is Congress is against e-cigarettes?
Hypocrisy has reached new heights, even by Washington, D.C., standards. The same left-wing senators who support needle exchange and methadone programs to reduce harm to drug addicts and demand condoms for high schoolers to have safe sex are waging war against the most effective harm reducer of all — e-cigarettes.

Senators Al Franken, D-Minn., Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Patty Murray, D-Wash., and other Democrats are demanding that new FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb crack down on e-cigarettes without delay. Across the aisle, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., is urging Gottlieb to examine the compelling evidence that vaping saves lives by helping smokers quit the deadly habit.
You can contact any Senator at


2nd June 2017   E-Cigs no harm
As part of its investigation into the potential health effects of electronic cigarettes, the California Department of Public Health has been conducting air sampling and personal exposure monitoring in vape shops throughout the state. The results of sampling in one of these vape shops, obtained by The Rest of the Story, reveal that "secondhand vaping" appears to result in minimal exposure of bystanders to hazardous chemicals.

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