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The Role of Nicotine in Tobacco Use | John H. Robinson, Walter S. Pritchard
Article Published: 1992

Type: Review
Funding Source: Behavioural R&D, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company
Published By: Psychopharmacology (1992) 108:397-407

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The most vocal opposition to the 1988 Surgeon General Report on nicotine “addiction” came, of course, from the tobacco industry. This paper “The Role of Nicotine in Tobacco Use” by John H. Robinson and Walter S. Pritchard criticizes the 1988 SG Report with down-to-earth yet powerful arguments. The conclusions of the paper highlight both the stupidity and the dishonesty of the Surgeon General:

“…common sense tells us that nicotine is not like heroin, cocaine or any other ‘classic’ addicting drugs in its physiological and behavioural effects. One does not have to be a trained behavioural scientist to come to this conclusion. Simply ask and honestly answer the question as to how many people would board a plane piloted by someone who has just consumed an addicting drug (alcohol, heroin, cocaine, barbiturates) versus a plane piloted by someone who had just a cup of coffee and smoked a cigarette. Interestingly, the latter pilot would be classified as a “poly-drug” abuser by NIDA since, like nicotine, caffeine produced ‘euphoria’ “

Logical, simple and well argued, this paper is recommended reading.

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