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Profile of Dr. Theodor Sterling |
Article Published: 2008

Further Information

The late Theodor Sterling was Professor Emeritus of the Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and he had an impressive curriculum.

He was part of a Canadian group (Theodor Sterling and Associates) of consultants to various industries, including the tobacco industry.

Although Theodor Sterling and Associates had an impressive list of publications (click here to see the list updated to 1997, the year of death of T. Sterling), his association with the industry would — of course! — be a “bad note” as it would indicate bias, but so is any affiliation with the pharmaceutical industry, which is almost ubiquitous in the antismoking field. For that reason it is always wise to forget the association and look at whether or not the proposed arguments are logical and true.

Nevertheless, the professional life of T. Sterling was severely damaged because of the typical ad hominem attacks by the antitobacco cartel, that are standard procedure against anyone who defends scientific integrity against healthist ideology.

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