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Due Process and Rule of Law do not apply when it comes to smoking | Company Press Releases
Article Published: 1997

Type: Articles and Dissertations
Published By: Company Press Releases

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We report here two simple press releases that tell the incredible tale of the 1997 Florida trial, where due process was subverted with technicalities to prevent the tobacco industry from producing evidence contrary to the already-made decision that the Industry was guilty, and passive smoking “killed”.

These PR are listed in the historical section rather than in the Ethics and Intimidation section because indeed they are historical pieces, milestones marking the total detachment of the system from ethics in the fight against the smoking ghost. After this ignominious trial came the Master Settlement Agreement – and justice, logic and science never were the same again: just their names remained, but not the substance.

July 31, 1997 - Florida judge bars evidence state knew of tobacco risks; rules state need not prove essential elements of its case

August 1, 1997 - Confirmed injustice for the business community: Florida's business community goes on trial, says associated industries of Florida

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