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Medical Journals Are an Extension of the Marketing Arm of Pharmaceutical Companies | Richard Smith
Article Published: 2005

Type: Articles and Dissertations
Published By: PLoS Medicine, 2008, volume 2, issue 5

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One of the most serious problems that afflicts medical journals today is their dependence on pharmaceutical funds. To cite a case that is close to FORCES, medical journals do not publish sometimes excellent research based on the mere fact that it is financed by the tobacco industry, with the result of discouragng research that does not fit the political agenda of "public health." Ultimately science and research have become conditional to the (warped) moralism of "public health" — a prominent indicator of the intellectual dark ages that we are going through.

This situation has occurred for both political and financial reasons. The international antismoking establishment, which claims that it wants to “educate” the public, cannot tolerate any form of opposition that may unveil either the other side of the issue or the numerous frauds used by “public health” to promote its agenda of social control and culture engineering. Thus the public is conned into the belief that “science” is only what the public is allowed to read. For all intents and purposes, this is censorship of science in the name of politics disguised as health concerns.

The problem is not limited to tobacco — although the war against the tobacco industry has established a horrible precedent and a grievous warp in ethical and moral standards. With the pharmaceutical industry firmly in control of scientific publications, in fact, “science” will always coincide with its marketing and political agenda no matter what the issue is: food, alcohol, cellular phones, pesticides, or plastic toys, the scientific journals will publish only what pleases their sponsors … or the sponsorship is pulled and the journals disappear.

It is only logical, therefore, that the sponsors use the journals to promote their products and manufacture junk science “studies” to scare people – especially professionals and doctors – away from the products of their adversaries thus, indirectly, acquiring “authoritative salesmen” who parrot, in the capillary way of doctor-to-patient conversation, only the information that is allowed to reach them.

That is exactly how the “everybody knows that smoking kills” (read: "science has proven") paranoia and disinformation has been rooted in the culture in spite of the glaring reality that not even one death or disease can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking, but only “attributed” by mere opinion.

The horrible consequences of this practice are not hard to imagine: none of the “sacred” health institutions – and often not even your doctor – can be trusted. In the case of your doctor it may not even be that he knowingly gives you false information, but only the information he has available, which, however, has a high probability of being biased, manipulated, or outright falsehood because counterbalance information has been suppressed. That means that if a real emergency arises, the trust in “public health” will not be there – and rightfully so – because the institution has become a machine and a servant system of lies and biased information.

Yet, the mass-media do not address this problem that is as fundamental as it is fatal, and keep on vomiting the pharmaceutically-controlled “study results” meant to steer and control our lifestyle choices and behaviour as if we were marionettes who incidentally pay for their own strings.

Why would the media do that? Because they are dependant on pharmaceutical advertising!

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