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Environmental tobacco smoke and coronary heart disease mortality in the United States—A meta-analysis and critique | Enstrom JE, Kabat GC
Article Published: 2006

Type: Meta-Analysis
Published By: Inhalation Toxicology, 18:199–210, 2006

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"When all relevant studies are included in the meta-analysis and results are appropriately combined, current or ever exposure to ETS, as approximated by spousal smoking, is associated with roughly a 5% increased risk of death from CHD in never smokers."

"Furthermore, there is no dose-response relationship and no elevated risk associated with the highest level of ETS exposure in males or females. An objective assessment of the available epidemiologic evidence indicates that the association of ETS with CHD death in U.S. never smokers is very weak. Previous assessments appear to have overestimated the strength of the association."

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