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The 1990 Surgeon General Report on the Health Benefits of Smoking Cessation | Department of Health and Human Services
Article Published: 1990

Type: Official report
Published By: Department of Health and Human Services

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A 627-page all-out promotion of pharmaceutical smoking cessation is the essence of this US Surgeon General Report.

Death tolls that are as scientifically indemonstrable as they are scary are mentroned to justify the promotion. It should be noted that, at page 8 of the document, 390,000 people were supposed to be “killed” each year by the use of tobacco, "perpetrated" by 50 million Americans. Nearly 20 years later – and in spite of the declared decrease in tobacco use in the United States – the official figure has gone up to 440,000 per year. This seems to indicate the logic that the more people quit, the more they die from “tobacco-related” diseases, which contradicts the ideological postulation.

Nevertheless, longer and better lives are promised in exchange for switching to nicotine produced by the pharmaceutical multinationals.

In short, and in common with "scientic reports" from other publicly-funded "public health" institutions, goods that are manufactured by private multinational entities are heavily promoted with public money.

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