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Secondhand Smoke: Review of evidence since 1998 | Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health (SCOTH)
Article Published: 2004

Type: Official report
Published By: Department of Health of the United Kingdom

Further Information

The SCOTH political document published in 2004 by the UK Department of Health’s Scientific Committee On Tobacco And Health (SCOTH), that served to “confirm” a political decision already taken — that of persecuting smokers on the grounds of the junk science about passive smoking.

Very much like the 2006 Surgeon General Report, The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke, this document has nothing to do with science, but it attempts to legitimize multifactorial epidemiology based on unverifiable answers to questionnaires on distant memories of exposure as "science."

The review is just a scientific dressing to justify political actions.

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