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Statement of Hon. Thomas J. Bliley, Jr. to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Health and Environment Subcommittee | Thomas J. Bliley
Article Published: 1993/07/21

Type: Articles and Dissertations
Published By: The United States Congress

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The statement of Thomas Bliley against the fraudulent use of junk science by the Environmental Protection Agency in its Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking: Lung Cancer and Other Disorders was strong and clear. Here is the opening paragraph:

“Mr. Chairman, I am testifying today in order to report to the Subcommittee the results of my extensive investigation of the EPA's handling of the controversy surrounding environmental tobacco smoke or ‘ETS'. AS you know. in the past the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of this Committee has conducted hearings on EPA's abuses of government contracting requirements. So pervasive is the level of abuse that Chairman Dincell has characterized EPA's pattern of contract mismanagement as a ‘cesspool’. EPA's Inspector General recently has confirmed that such abuses also have taken place in connection with a number of EPA contracts involving ETS, and the 0 and I Subcommittee's own investigation is continuing.”

His, and many other voices, changed nothing. The historic decision of the United States Federal District Court of 1998, excoriating the 1992 EPA report, is itself widely ignored.

The decision to demonize smokers and squeeze them dry of money and out of society was taken at the highest levels of the “public health”-pharmaceutical tandem.

Billions of dollars of pharmaceutical sales were at stake. Ideology was at stake. Social engineering and control was at stake – and no truth could disturb that. It still cannot. If fraud is what it takes, fraud is what shall be used: it is as simple as that. The time for correction is today.

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