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CRS Report for Congress - Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Lung Cancer Risk | Stephen Redhead, Richard Rowberg
Article Published: 1995/11/14

Type: Official report
Published By: Congressional Research Service - The Library of Congress

Further Information

The conclusion of this Report about the validity of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) causing lung cancer is that there is no proof, from the studies done, that it can cause lung cancer. If there are doubts raised in the report, it states that it needs further investigation.

The last part with children and ETS also calls into question the 1992 EPA Report results and tells us that further studies are needed. It quotes the EPA's assessment of the studies, and questions the results.

The scientific situation has not changed since 1995. Yet, based on total lack of evidence, prohibition of smoking continues unabashed. Have people accepted institutional fraud as a philosophy for government, as long as the government promises better health? That is sick indeed.

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