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Macroeconomics of Prevention and Disease Control in the United States | Gio B. Gori, Brian J. Richter
Article Published: 1978/06/09

Type: Statistical Demographic
Published By: Science, Vol. 200, 9 June 1978

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The current obsession with health and long life leads to the obsession with “prevention,” which has become the buzz-word of the medical establishment and of all those who imply that surrendering all pleasures of life and living “as we are told” will prolong our life and health.

Even in the assumption that such life, undesirable to many, would lead to life prolongation and to some form of “healthy old age,” it will also lead to an ever-growing portion of Gross National Product (GNP) being spent on prevention, care for the age-related, long-term diseases which will inevitably occur because people must die, and to a massive burden on pension systems. If this reasoning is projected to the extreme, the inevitable conclusion is that 100% of the GNP would be used for the above. The cost of the folly of the search for the healthy Methuselah does not end with monetary ones: absolute social controls and total regulation of any action and choice at any stage of life will become necessary.

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