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Playing the Man: The Modern Inquisition of ‘Concerned’ Science | Andrew McIntyre
Article Published: 1998/11/03

Type: Articles and Dissertations
Published By: Institute of Public Affairs Volume 50, Number 3, 1998

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Here is an outrageous but, alas, quite common story of the intimidation of a scientist who dared speaking out against the passive smoking fraud and "science by press release."

"The media supports the perception that science is done by press release, consensus and, increasingly, by ad hominem attacks on those who hold dissenting views. Although one can understand the need to deny scientific evidence in the time of Galileo, where one of the leading advocates of rational scientific thinking opposed a dominant ideology of belief, superstition and supposition, it is difficult to accept the need for the same inquisitorial process in the latter part of the twentieth century.

"This is no less true in the highly politicized area of health and tobacco, and recently on the epidemiology of environmental tobacco smoke and its relation to disease. Dr Julian Lee, a distinguished NSW thoracic physician, and a tireless worker in this field, found out the hard way.

"The following year, a well-briefed visiting American professor of medicine, Stan Glantz, brought out for the National Heart Foundation, was interviewed on ABC radio. Glantz attacked Lee with defamatory statements, and called for his resignation as State President of the AMA. He said Lee had ‘no business’ heading a health organization, and was ‘appalled’ at his work on passive smoking. He accused him of ‘aiding and abetting … efforts to kill people’. After the attack, the Federal AMA received written complaints from large and prominent health organizations—including the National Heart Foundation—which directly or indirectly called for Lee’s resignation. Woollard added publicly that the AMA was uncomfortable with Lee’s work for the tobacco industry."

It is clear that 2+2 cannot make 4 if even one dollar comes from the tobacco industry. It is a different story, of course, if you are paid off by the pharmaceutical industry, as in the case of Glantz and most of the antitobacco cartel.

Andrew McIntyre is a freelance writer based in Melbourne and a collaborator of the Institute of Public Affairs. Curiously, the piece seems to have been excised from the IPA website and removed from the list of publications of the Author — and, apparently, completely removed from the Internet. Until now.

How many more men have been "played" by the antitobacco mafia since this article was written?

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