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The deal of shame |
Article Published: 1998

Type: Political
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Here is the full text of the US Tobacco Settlement. In this milestone agreement, bent by junk science-based law suits, the tobacco industry surrenders in exchange for “no more suits.” In doing so, the industry accepts — amongst many other humiliations — silencing itself regarding exposure and denunciation of junk science and the epidemiological frauds on smoking, thus allowing extreme activists and corrupt health institutions, unopposed, to flood the public with a deluge of disinformation, hate and discrimination against smokers.

With a cynical business decision of appeasement, US Big Tobbaco (BT) attempted to shift the social and financial costs of prohibitionist fanaticism, onto its customers. While the cynical aim of this arch betrayal has certainly been considerably successful in the short term, even BT's partial immunity from litigation has proven squishy, while in the long term, the MSA shall benefit the prohibitionist fanatics, and nobody else.

Shortly after the agreement, Philip Morris (PM) dramatised its turn against its own customers, by publicly confirming and amplifying the disinformation on smoking. In prominently and pathetically allying itself with antitobacco PM exercised a perverse conception of attaining "good public relations." PM has since come to support giving control of cigarette production to the Food and Drug Administration. FDA control would be the next historical step on a road that inevitably leads to the de-legalization of tobacco and to the delivery of the monopoly of nicotine to the Pharmaceutical industry.

More on this shameful deal can be heard in this FORCES Round Table interview "The size of exploitation" with Hans Bader of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

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