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The Osteen decision on the EPA's ETS scam | US Federal District Court
Article Published: 1998/07/17

Type: Legal
Published By: US Federal District Court

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Text of the decision by the US Federal Court on the EPA scam on passive smoking. With extreme contempt and after careful examination, Judge Osteen orders the EPA to vacate its classification of ETS as a carcinogen because based on fraudulent methodology and utter junk science.

But not even the power of a Federal Court can stop the Fraud of the Century. The Osteen decision will be vacated by the Appeals Court technical grounds of jurisdiction — although after the clear statement that Osteen's scientific reasons are not questioned.

Already bent by the Master Settlement Agreement, the tobacco industry did not push the case to the Supreme Court, where it could easily have prevailed. In the meantime judge Osteen was slandered and publicly lynched as a tobacco industry "friend". That was never true — and a burning previous judgement against the industry by the same judge demonstrates it.

That, of course, does not matter for antitobacco fanaticism, as the message is clear: on the grounds that not even one death or disease can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by active or passive smoking, the judicial system, scientists and any force denouncing public health frauds must be silenced.

The PDF document we present, the best such available, is of relatively poor quality; click here to see the decision in html format.

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