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The assault upon liberty and dignity | Alan Charles Kors
Article Published: 1996/09/01

Type: Speech
Published By: Thomas B. Fordham Institute

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The cancer of collective neo-Communism ideology is vividly described in this passionate speech, when history professor Alan Charles Kors strikes out against the repressive and destructive official "group-think" that prevails on American campuses today, a trend that:

"...has entailed a denial of the only authentic meaning of liberation: the right to individuate free of external coercion and impositions. It has intruded upon the sanctity of self-definition and private conscience."
Collectivism — and the faith that the collective exceeds the sum of the single constituents (that is, a collective of one million idiots makes a genius) — usually does that, and leads to the linear thinking that, since "majority rules," the ruler has the "right" to oppress, suppress and disrespect the minorities.

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