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Charlton Heston's 'Culture War' Speech at Harvard | Charlton Heston
Article Published: 1999/02/16

Type: Speech
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The tobacco wars are actually the most lucrative part of a cultural war between those who believe that individual choice and personal liberty are more important than the interests of the state as perceived by the state, and those who believe the opposite. Charlton Heston supported the infamous proposition 10 of California, designed to boost the anti-tobacco lies and propaganda by over-taxing the smokers, and further finance a hate campaign against them. Made aware of all the facts, Heston later apologized to smokers for his mistake. This speech, delivered at Harvard, is one of the most powerful and enlightening speeches I have ever heard since the glorious 60s. I am known to be sometimes over-rambling with my arguments. Not this time. Charlton Heston's words say more than I can possibly say at the best of my abilities. It is a ray of hope, and a shocking reality check for America, and those throughout the word who want to follow its example.

— Introduction by Gian Turci

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