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Cigarette Smoking and the Risk of Breast Cancer | Susan Y. Chu, Nancy E. Stroup, Nhyllis A. Wingo, Nancy C. Lee, Herbert B. Peterson and Marta L. Gwinn
Article Published: 1990

Risk: RR = 1.2
Type: Population
Funding Source: The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health
Significance: Statistically Significant Positive

Published By: American Journal of Epidemiology Vol. 131, No. 2: 244-253

Further Information

"There was no consistent dose-response pattern with any measure of smoking (pack-years of smoking, average number of cigarettes per day, or total years smoked) and little difference in risk between current and former smokers. There was some variation in risk by age, with slightly higher risk estimates for younger women than for older women. Although current smokers had an earlier natural menopause than did never smokers, the authors found no evidence of a protective effect of cigarette smoking on breast cancer risk. These findings suggest that the risk of breast cancer in women who smoke is the same as, or perhaps slightly higher than, women who have never smoked."

Emphases added above. No protection, but no risk either. Smoking does not affect breast cancer. Please note that the relative risk elevation is 1.2 (20%), and that there is no dose-response relationship. Now note the conclusions of the authors: no risk elevation to speak of. For all the studies on passive smoking that found a risk elevation AND are statisticfally significant (about 1/3 of them), the conditions are virtually identical (tiny risk elevation and no dose-response relationship), but "public health", mass-media and activist propaganda indicate them as "scientifically valid" studies.

The health "authorities" then knowingly draw the misleading conclusions that "the debate is over" on whether passive smoking constitutes a hazard to health to carry on with prohibition and demonization agenda dictated by ideological fanaticism and by corruption to the mercantile agenda of the pharmaceutical multinationals.

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