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Environmental tobacco smoke in an unrestricted smoking workplace: area and personal exposure monitoring | Roger A. Jerkins, Michael P. Maskarinec, Richard W. Counts, John E. Caton, Bruce A. Tomkins and Ralph H. Ilgner
Article Published: 2001

Type: Experimental and Technical
Funding Source: This research was sponsored by the Center for Indoor Air Research, Linthicum, MD, under contract no. ERD-88-812 with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, managed by UTBattelle, LLC for the US Department of Energy, under contract no. DE-AC05-00OR22725
Published By: Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology ( 2001) 11, 369– 380

Further Information

"The objective of this investigation was to determine the extent of areal and day - to - day variability of stationary environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) concentrations in a single large facility where smoking was both prevalent and unrestricted, and to determine the degree of daily variation in the personal exposure levels of ETS constituents in the same facility.


"Although smoking was completely unrestricted inside the main office areas of the facility, ETS levels, either areal or from personal exposure measurements, were lower than those estimated by Occupational Safety and Health Administration to be present in such facilities.

"For example,OSHA estimated the range of average office concentrations of nicotine to be 2–10 micro-g/m3, with considerably higher maximum values. In this study, average 8-h TWA personal exposure level of nicotine was 1.52  micro-g/m3, and the 95th percentile level was 3.58 micro-g/m3, indicating that OSHA’s estimates are not reflected by the situation observed in this unrestricted smoking facility."

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