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Real-time Measurement of Indoor Particulate Matter Originating from Environmental Tobacco Smoke: a Pilot Study | Giovanni Invernizzi, Ario Ruprecht, Roberto Mazza, Edoardo Majno, Edoardo Rossetti, Paolo Paredi, Roberto Boffi
Article Published: 2002

Type: Experimental and Technical
Published By: Epidemiology and Prevention 2002; 26:30-34

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"The paper accepts uncritically a causal connection between urban atmospheric particulate and increased overall mortality, as well as morbidity for a variety of respiratory conditions.

"...In the USA the credibility of those studies is very much disputed and still under scrutiny. An additional blow to the credibility of those reports came in early June 2002 from the very authors of the studies, who revealed a gross error in their use of the statistical software used to analyse the data, admitting that the original and tenuous correlation values had been overstated by over 100%.

"Besides this recently revealed statistical error, the epidemiological studies in question suffer of irremediable structural problems. In the first place, they assume that all particulates are identical in their influence on mortality and morbidity, and that any control would be beneficial.

"The report by Invenizzi et al. — classified as a pilot study — suffers fatally from a variety of methodological problems, from results that are manifestly not interpretable, and hence from conclusions that are erroneous. Besides, the title is misleading because the study did not attempt to distinguish what was the fraction of smoke-derived particulate within the generic particulate that was measured."
These are the conclusion of the critique by the FORCES International Scientific Committee. By reading the "study", in fact, no other conclusion is possible. The critique then continues with the description of the unprofessional and faulty methodology used to fulfil the ideological taks of the "study": show that passive smoking is harmful.

Considering that these are supposed to be scientists and not ideologues, this "study" is an insult to science and a very worrisome indicator of the level of degeneration of public health institutions all over the world.

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