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Particulate matter from tobacco versus diesel car exhaust: an educational perspective | G. Invernizzi, A. Ruprecht, R. Mazza, E. Rossetti, A. Sasco, S. Nardini, R. Boffi
Article Published: 2004

Type: Experimental and Technical
Published By: Tobacco Control 2004;13:219–221(English); Tabaccologia 2007; 2: 16-18 (Italian)

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Amongst the most outrageous statements of international Tobacco Control is the total trash science “study” by Invernizzi, Ruprecht, Mazza, Rossetti, Sasco, Nardini and Boffi of 2004. In the “study”, which is not epidemiological but instrumental to boot, it is stated that just three cigarettes in a room emit enough passive smoking to pollute 10 (ten) times more than a diesel engine put in the same room!

That is no joke, unfortunately: here is a direct link to Medical News Today (stored copy here), a science-by-press-release outfit, that corroborates what we say.

This ridiculous statement, that goes against the most elementary intuition and observation by any rational individual, was heavily circulated by Tobacco Control all over the world, and portrayed as a serious scientific finding by incompetent media and dishonest antismoking groups (that is, essentially all of them.) To be noted, the people who conducted this "study" are not dilettantes, but professionals who coöperate with the World Health Organization as well as being part of the "prestigious" Italian Cancer Institute. Can we believe that it was simple incompetence? Hardly.

How was it possible to obtain such absurd results with a direct measurement study, that is supposed not to be open to “imaginative interpretations” such as those used for flimsy epidemiological results? The answer is fairly simple: in both cases, honesty and professional integrity are essential elements. In the same way that a dishonest epidemiologist “interprets” data on vague memories of exposure 30 years earlier to fit either his ideological agenda, or the political/commercial agenda of those who pay for his work, the dishonest experimenter positions sensors, closes doors, and calibrates instruments to make them read whatever is required. In both cases, fraud is the result.

The Scientific Committee of FORCES International published a document that is now all over the Internet, and that effectively shut down this piece of fraudulent junk science – although it is still sporadically used in those countries that are new to prohibition, and still ignorant of the fradulent methodologies routinely used by Tobacco Control. The bitter document of the FORCES SC should be read, if for no other reason, just to realize the level of boldness reached by those who want us to believe that ETS “kills” – thus that smokers are “killers”.

Click here to read the "study" in Italian
Click here to read the critique of the FORCES International Scientific Committee in English
Click here to read the critique of the FORCES International Scientific Committee in Italian

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