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How Much Cancer Can EPA Regulate Away? | Michael Gough
Article Published: 1990

Type: Articles and Dissertations
Published By: Risk Analysis, Vol. 10, No. 1, 1990

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One of the most idiotic beliefs of all times is that, with sufficient regulation, all disease, illnesses, accidents and so on can be “prevented,” thus death and disease can be “regulated away.”

That concept is false on all counts. While the cost in rights and liberties is totally neglected both because the value of freedom has been totally depreciated and ignored, and because what was called oppression has now been conveniently redefined as freedom, the costs have been transferred from the presumed costs of disease to the absolutely certain one of an immense and ever-growing bureaucracy that produces mountains of paper, regulation and oppression while burning the wealth that society is still able to produce.

“How Much Cancer Can EPA Regulate Away?” explores part of this problem. The current concept of “regulation for prevention” is, in itself, largely idiotic, as it ASSUMES that what is regulated away is the “cause” of the disease that is fought. The linear reasoning is this: as disease X (in this case cancer) comes from a “cause,” if we eliminate the cause we eliminate the disease. That is good and logical if the causality eliminated is scientifically demonstrated (example: smallpox or tuberculosis). When the scientific demonstration does not exist and multifactorial epidemiology (junk science) attributions replace causation, obviously, the whole concept becomes idiotic, because it means that if a disease has 300 confounders, for example, ALL of the 300 must be regulated to extinction without any guarantee that the disease will be eliminated. Since the idiotic ideology that “even if we save just one life, our efforts have been worthy and justified” is applied as support, the social and economic costs of that elimination are conveniently brushed aside no matter their size – and with extreme contempt against anyone who points them out.

In the last analysis, the philosophy of this logical non-sequitur is the childish belief that we can regulate death and disease away. With life, culture and civilization as we know them de facto made illegal, nearly eternal life in Hell may be at hand.

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