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Some risks factors for lung cancer independent of cigarette smoking |
Article Published: 1995

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The table inside contain a list of suspected lung cancer confounders other than cigarette smoking. Of course, NONE of the confounders (cigarette smoking included) has been scientifically demonstrated to be a causality: these are all epidemiological “associations.” It's perhaps unnecessary to mention that, in studies on cigarettes smoking that have the political intent of “demonstrating” that cigarette smoking ”kills,” these factors are selectively or entirely ignored, because the ideology cares to believe that they become irrelevant next to what the ideology cares to endorse as "the cause" of lung cancer: smoking.

It gets worse than that. With smoking nailed with "causality" through propaganda, and having thus established that scientific proof in not necessary because “everybody knows” that smoking “causes” lung cancer, the fantasy of “public health” (and its repressive and regulating policies) now expands to a vast array of other issues – with no limitations in sight. Repeatedly the well-tested scarecrow of death, disease, and false statistics with big numbers has worked extremely well on a dumbed-down population that is largely ready to trade every bit of liberty and self-determination in exchange for the promises of the “public health” charlatans.

It really only takes a minute to realize the absurdity of what is being stated and implemented. Based on this list, “public health” is telling us that by regulating to extinction (or alternatively making mandatory): carotene/vitamin a deficiency or intake, alcohol intake, dietary cholesterol/fat intake, active and passive smoking, pork meat intake, vegetable diet, fruit intake, milk intake, hormone therapy in women, radon intake, cooking methods, motor exhaust exposure, arsenic ingestion, vitamin A, C and E intake, arsenic ingestion, physical activity, asbestos exposure, and beer drinking, to choose just a few examples, lung cancer will disappear.

Can anyone rationally believe that? Is anybody ready to pay the price – even in the case of over 200 confounders, such as the case of cardiovascular disease? Yet, this is exactly what insane “public health” is doing – one confounder at a time.

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