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Smokers and The World: Hostages to the Terror of Environmental Tobacco Smoke | Gio Batta Gori
Article Published: 2006

Type: Articles and Dissertations
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Yet another article by Dr. Gori on the fraudulent methodology used by “public health” to spread the notion (and the terror) that “passive smoking kills.”

Passive smoking does not kill or harm anyone, of course, but the pharmaceutical and ideological corruption has seeped to the highest authorities such as the Surgeon General of the United States. These “authorities,” clearly, are not incompetent enough to be unable to realize that the “dangers” of passive smoking are false, and a methodological fraud. Rather, they are corrupt (and fanatical) enough to consider the use of an outright fraud such as passive smoking as a legitimate means to eliminate active smoking, for which not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated.

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