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1989-90 National Health Survey. Lifestyle and Health Australia. | Castles I, Australian Bureau of Statistics. Commonwealth of Australia.
Article Published: 1994

Type: Population
Funding Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics
Published By: Alan Law, Commonwealth Government Printer, Camberra. Catalogue No. 4366.0.

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This study has been suppressed and eliminated from the “public health” websites and literature in Australia and in the rest of the world. Why? Because it disproves the ideology that “smoking kills” and causes disease and costs to society.

What is worse, it does not disprove the ideology merely on the basis of conjecture or theoretical calculations and arguments, but with facts. Indeed the survey destroys the biggest and most fundamental core of antitobacco ideology and that of the healthist ideology in general: that quitting and abstaining is good for health.

The study presented statistics for a representative group of about 15 million Australians on their health and disease conditions in the period 1989-1990. Although of short duration, the exceptional size of the group allowed robust and credible statistical data.

The study observed that the risks due to smoking were proportional to the duration of smoking expressed in years, but it also noted (page 13, emphasis added) that

“While smokers experienced higher rates of bronchitis and emphysema, they also had the lowest rates of hypertension compared with ex-smokers and the never smoked group, and proportionally fewer smokers reported experiencing fewer illness conditions. Although age is a factor in this finding, the pattern was similar across age groups. In contrast ex-smokers had the highest rate of heart disease of all three smokers status groups”.

In general, the study found that smokers were at a lower risk of tumours, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and cardiovascular disease even if the risk for bronchitis and emphysema was greater.

Here is a summation of the data that destroy what we are told by the "public health" propaganda. Remember: these are not epidemiological attributions or statistical projection fantasies. This is data coming from hospitalizations, verified disease, and use of health facilities.

Table 2.6, p. 19.  Smokers' status by selected conditions reported  by age and sex

Type of condition reported Smokers Non smokers Ex-smokers


No illness 39.4 35.9 27.1
Neoplasms 2.2 2.8 4.3
Diabetes 1.2 1.9 2.7
High cholesterol 2.4 3.6 4.5
Hypertension 7.4 13.4 16.1
Cardiovascular disease 2.2 2.9 6.4
Bronchitis/emphysema 5.3  2.5  5.1

And although it was stated that ...

"An important factor when comparing reported conditions across smokers status was the duration of smoking. Smokers ad ex-smokers who has smoked for 20 years or more faired far worse in terms of bronchitis and emphysema, as did smokers for heart disease, than those who never smoked”

... the study was incredibly damaging to antitobacco’s ideology, credos and superstitions because it demonstrated how fallacious they are when compared with hard facts (use of health facilities) that were measurable, quantifiable, verifiable and – something that is completely unacceptable to Tobacco Control – they could not be manipulated to fit propaganda, ideology, social engineering and pharmaceutical marketing agenda.

This was the second, colossal mass-study of this kind that demonstrated that, overall, smokers fare better than non smokers and definitely better than ex-smokers. The first one was “Cigarette Smoking and Health Characteristics", Wilson, 1964, USA.

So the study was effectively obliterated from medical literature. This is probably the only place in the world where you can find it today.

There is more. Since the study demonstrated that quitting smoking may actually be bad for you, this entire line of investigation was suppressed all over the world to prevent “controversy.” Such comparisons are conspicuously avoided in many research papers. Never let reality and real science get in the way of “public health”!

Believe: smoking kills and it is absolute evil. That is the mantra, that is the credo. Non-smokers are “superior” because they are "healthier" and do not smell like tobacco. Quitting smoking is the “good thing” to do for good health, to save social costs – and to be socially acceptable by a society that has been completely conned by Tobacco Control and its pharmaceutical masters.

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