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Italy: business owners are not obligated to become ‘antismoking cops’ | Lazio Regional Administrative Tribunal of Rome, division III
Article Published: 2005/08/01

Type: Legal
Published By: Lexitalia.it

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One of the most totalitarian attitudes of “public health” in general and antitobacco in particular is that, after passing laws based on epidemiological frauds such as that on the dangers of passive smoking to human health, they expect the citizens to become enforcers of their debased ideology.

For that reason, many nations obligate business owners to become enforcers and impose on the smoker a behaviour that he has not chosen: not to smoke. That goes against a basic moral principle of any free country – obligate the citizen to become a law enforcer – and is contrary to established laws and constitutional principles.

As it happens with antitobacco’s junk science, however, as soon as the victims find the means and the courage to challenge antismoking laws, antitobacco falls flat on its face in courts of law because it is based on fraud and prevarication in the first place.

This is the case of the Italian business establishments owners, who challenged the law that obligated them to become “antismoking cops.” In this historical case that, of course, is not mentioned by “public health” or its lackeys, the Italian Lazio Regional Administrative Tribunal of Rome, Division III Ter, with ruling no. 6068 of August 1,  2005 established that if a smoker decides to exercise his right to smoke in a so-called public place such as a restaurant, the business owner is not obligated to enforce the smoking ban.

Keep that in mind when you visit Italy.

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