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Non-smoking: a feature of ulcerative colitis | A. D. Harries, A. Baird, J. Rhodes
Article Published: 1981

Type: Articles and Dissertations
Funding Source: Department of Gastroenterology, University Hospital of Wales
Published By: British Medical Journal, Volume 284, 6 March 1982

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Amongst the many reported potential benefits of smoking is a sharply lower incidence of ulcerative colitis amongst smokers.

Although based on the usual questionnaires with unverifiable answers that typifies multifactorial epidemiology, and thus dubious, this article points out an interesting observation (emphasis added).

“Cigarette smoking was uncommon in patients with ulcerative colitis, partly because a higher proportion of subjects had never smoked and also because a similar proportion had given up smoking usually before the onset of bowel symptoms. We think these findings are valid because the groups were large, the response rate was good, especially among the patients with ulcerative colitis, and patients were not specially selected.”

One of the reasons for the antismoking campaigns so heavily financed by the pharmaceutical multinationals is that those companies want the monopoly of nicotine, because they see in it a wonder drug that can have many positive advantages which can turn into profits, as this piece points out in spite of its puritanical judgement of smoking and its catering to many superstitions.

For that reason pharmaceutical companies finance antismoking groups and lobby “health” authorities, to convince the world that smoking is a "plague" or "epidemic" (while of course not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking.)

As naïve and disinformed smokers quit in fear, Big Pharma moves in with “clean” (how?) nicotine to fill the gap. The most absurd statements of the antismoking propaganda is that, while nicotine is tremendously "addictive," the use of the chemically identical nicotine produced by Big Pharma helps smokers quit! How can an addictive drug remove the addiction that it has caused in the first place? For more on the nicotine addiction fraud please visit our "Addiction" section in this portal.

Once again, no matter what they do, smokers are victims of all the parties involved. If smokers continue smoking they are prey of dishonest governments that tax them to death and teach their citizens to hate them. The companies that make the cigarettes do not lift a finger to protect their customers' rights and dignity. If smokers quit smoking they become prey of the diseases that smoking prevents, and also the prey of pharmaceutical companies, which offer products that are certainly no better than cigarettes, while dishonestly depicting smoking as a disease.

Be that as it may, the "bean counter" conclusion of the antitobacco propaganda is that the liabilities of smoking determined with junk epidemiology are more than the assets of smoking determined with junk epidemiology, so smoking is to be eliminated. That is tantamount to saying that having two wallets stolen is worse than having just one stolen while ignoring the fact that there is a thief in the room.

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