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Smokers With Rheumatoid Arthritis May Have Lower Body Fat Than Nonsmokers | Laurie Barclay
Article Published: 2008

Type: Cross Sectional
Published By: Medscape

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It is well-known that smoking controls weight, which in turn makes smokers generally slimmer — thus more fit — than non-smokers. This study is yet another confirmation:

"Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who smoke have a lower body mass index (BMI) and body fat (BF) vs patients who are nonsmokers".

"Within the limitations of a cross-sectional study, it appears that cigarette smoking associates with reduced BMI and BF in patients with RA and heavy smoking associates with lower muscle mass," the study authors write. "Smoking cessation appears to associate with increased BMI, BF and waist circumference in these patients."

Of course appeasement of the antismoking ideology must be included for the purpose of both "credibility" and publication:

"Given the numerous adverse effects of smoking on general health and RA, patients should be actively advised against it. However, smoking-cessation regimes in RA may need to include more general lifestyle counselling particularly about weight control."
Nevertheless, yet another benefit of smoking is being shown. People don't need to be "actively advised" by the "health" establishment on how to run their lives. Their decisions are their own, as life belongs to them and not to the health establishment.

The results of this study are, in themselves, a strong advice against antismoking ideology and superstitions.

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