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Why is the death rate from lung cancer falling in the Russian Federation? | Vladimir Shkolnikov, Martin McKee, David Leon, Laurent Chenet
Article Published: 2004

Type: Cohort
Published By: European Journal of Epidemiology, Springer Netherlands

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According to current beliefs, this study is a paradox – in fact, the entire Russian Federation is.

This cohort study shows that the death rate from lung cancer is steadily decreasing in the Russian Federation in spite of the fact that "According to statistics, 65 percent of men and 30 percent of women smoke. Some 63 percent of non-adults are smokers. Every second pregnant woman smokes. In the age group of 16 to 17 years, 67.7 percent of boys are smokers, and the share of smoking girls is relatively the same".

Interestingly enough, “"Age standardised death rates from lung cancer in the Russian Federation have been rising since at least 1965, levelled out in the late 1980s and have subsequently decreased. The reasons for this decline are not apparent.”

The reason for the decline may not be apparent, but what is indeed apparent is the steadiness of the smoking rates and the decrease in cancer, which springs a natural question: given the obvious fact that Russians are in no essential regard any different from all the rest of the humans in the world, and if “smoking is the first preventable cause of cancer,” how come lung cancer is decreasing?

There is one logical explanation and a couple of hard realities.

The explanation is that the link between smoking and cancer is not as strong as the anti-smoking propagandists want us to believe.

The hard realities are: 1)  The scientific causality of smoking for cancer is not established, and 2) The Russian Federation is not yet totally infested by heathism, political correctness, and pharmaceutical control, thus studies like this still find their way to the print shop.

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