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What gases can air filtration remove? | IQAir
Article Published: 2008

Type: Data Table
Funding Source: IQAir
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We know well that air filtration is feared by the Tobacco Control cartel as a formidable alternative to smoking prohibition, and for that reason it is either ignored in the political debate, or the “there is no safe esposure to passive smoking” sound bite is used to indicate that even a molecule of the substances contained in Environmental Tobacco Smoke can harm you.

As a break from the reading of this dry scientific stuff, we invite our readership to enjoy the excellent video “Passivrauchen - Director's cut” by Phil Williams, that illustrates the stupidity of that point in a superbly entertaining way.

In reality, modern ventilation technology can guarantee a quality of air that is unmatched by any outdoor air – unless perhaps you live on top of the Himalayas, but there the air is so thin, it doesn't have much oxygen in it either.

This document shows a list of the gases that can effectively be removed by this technology – whether it is a smoking room or not.

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