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Tobacco Smoke and Involuntary Smoking | IARC - International Agency for Research on Cancer
Article Published: 2002

Type: Meta-Analysis
Significance: Statistically Significant Positive

Published By: World Health Organization

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The 2002 International Agency for Research on Cancer Monograph Vol. 83 “Tobacco Smoke and Involuntary Smoking” study is of the same junk science kind as the EPA study. It is a meta-analysis of cherry-picked studies previously performed. In June 2002, the IARC announced that “passive smoke causes cancer” and dared to state that a causal link was established.

The statement was, of course, false. Again, only about 50 cherry-picked studies from more than 100 that had been performed on passive smoke and cancer to date were selected, and the study was published with great delay.

The reason for the publication delay was strategic, and it is part of the "science by press release" technique. By announcing the "devastating effects" of the target of the study, junk scientists exploit the emotional wave of the public but prevent the opposition from seeing the actual study thus exposing the possible - and indeed almost always present - epidemiological flaws and frauds.

By the time the junk study is published - and thus it can be taken apart - the public will have "forgotten" the study itself, but the emotional imprint of the negative association with the target substance will have remained.

Furthermore, the mass-media do not highlight the exposure of the epidemiological fraud in the same way they highligthed the fraudulent study conclusions themselves. Very often, in fact, mass media that cooperate with the "public health" corrupted institutions will not publish the debunking at all, or even mention it.

That was certainly the case for this "study", the dishonest methodology of which was not available until years later.

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