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Is the tobacco control movement misrepresenting the acute cardiovascular health effects of secondhand smoke exposure? An analysis of the scientific evidence and commentary on the implications for tobacco control and public health practice | Michael Siegel, Ph. D.
Article Published: 2007

Type: Articles and Dissertations
Published By: Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations 2007, 4:12

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Those who study the Tobacco Control (TC) social aberration * are certainly familiar with the name of Michael Siegel.

Dr. Siegel is physician who believes in TC — “belief” as opposed to “knowledge” is the key word — because he believes that smoking harms people, and thus the world would be a better place without smoking. However, at the same time he dissents from several “scientific” claims of Tobacco Control, and with very many of its methods and policies. As TC is a fanatical movement intolerant of dissent, Siegel was kicked out of the movement. One of the absurd claims of TC is that even brief exposure to passive smoking is sufficient to cause heath attacks. In this paper, Siegel demonstrates the absurdity of that claim while reasserting his belief that prolonged exposure is indeed a cause of heart disease in spite of the flimsy, contradictory, questionnaire-based, retrospective memory recall epidemiology!
* It is necessary to explain briefly why we define TC a social aberration, since the instinctive reaction of a naïve reader could be: “Why do you call aberration something that is for the good of the people”? There are many implicit answers to that question, the first and foremost being that Tobacco Control is based on systematic lies and exclusively circumstantial evidence, which is what the FORCES web site in general and this Scientific Portal in particular is all about. How can a fraud and misrepresentation be for the good of the people?

A more explicit answer may be of a philosophical nature, and it fits perfectly in parallel with American alcohol prohibition. Even though alcohol abuse (please note: not use) actually damages health as well as society, it has been widely recognized that its prohibition was a social aberration that turned into a failure. TC thinks that, by merely keeping the product legal but by “denormalizing” (euphemism for persecuting) its consumers and bombarding them with propaganda and false information, it may “educate” them into dropping smoking “spontaneously” – and by spontaneously we mean at moral, legal, and economic gunpoint.

When top-down cultural engineering is performed – no matter what the intentions or supposed benefits are – that is dictatorship, and dictatorship is social aberration, for Man is born free. The perversion of that aberration is that cultural engineering, gun pointing and propaganda are renamed “freedom,” in the perverse sense of “freedom from.” No dictatorship in history ever portrayed itself as an oppression, but as a “freedom from” – whether it was the Capitalists, the Communists, the Jews, or any other chosen hate target. The markers of TC in particular and what “public health” has become in general are, once again, tragically missed, in this case as too many citizens have been blinded by the fashionable scares regarding fundamental fears about personal health and inevitable death.

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