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Ventilation and filtration unit effectiveness study | Dr Andrew Geens
Article Published: 2004/10/09

Funding Source: University of Glamorgan Commercial Services (UGCS)
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The study analysed the ventilation efficiency in a ventilation system designed at the relatively low rate of 8 litres/person/second. Existing ventilation in a room of 225m3 was upgraded at a cost of £3 200 and PM 2.5, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and temperature were monitored during peak periods at weekends and compared against UK HSE workplace exposure limits. The conclusions stated that; “This study clearly demonstrates the ability of the ventilation system and filtration units in this building to limit and control the concentrations of the parameters under consideration. Appropriately designed ventilation systems, both with and without the support of filtration units, significantly improve the air quality in buildings where smoking is taking place, meeting all available Health and Safety Executive Occupational Exposure Limits.

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