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The European Report "Lifting the SmokeScreen": Epidemiological study or manipulation? | Robert Molimard
Article Published: June 2008

Type: Articles and Dissertations
Funding Source: No conflict of interest declared
Published By: Revue d’Épidémiologie et de Santé Publique, Elsevier

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Professor Robert Molimard is professor emeritus of physiology and coordinator of the DIU of Tabacologie to the Faculty of Medicine Paris-South. In a French language interview he has already denounced the passive smoking fraud. Now he has written a scientific paper about it.

The title of the French paper is: Le rapport européen Lifting the SmokeScreen: etude épidémiologique ou manipulation? (The European Report ‘‘Lifting the SmokeScreen’’: Epidemiological study or manipulation?). The title itself leaves no uncertainties as to its contents.

“This report [Lifting the SmokeScreen] ends up with a large increase of the number of estimated deaths from passive smoking in Europe. Its conclusions have been decisive to passing laws banning smoking in public places. However, analysis of this report for France reveals considerable anomalies, such as changing the usual definition of passive smoking.  Among the 5863 estimated deaths, 4749 concern everyday smokers. The 1114 non-smokers include all the former smokers as well, whose remaining risk cannot be attributed to environmental smoke. Published data used for calculations come from polls, of which results are very diverse and not very reliable. The level of confidence is not discussed. Nevertheless, the number of estimated deaths in the field where restricting laws might be applied and efficient is so low that it makes you wonder which the real aim of this report is, and which conflicts of interests hide behind it.”

Plainly put, the 147-pages European “Lifting the SmokeScreen” report is a fraud, just like everything else concerning the “dangers” of passive smoking.

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