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Big Tobacco SRGs: Snapping Out an Illusion | FORCES International
Article Published: Feb. 2007

Published By: FORCES International

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"Last week in several international smokers' forums and newsletters there was an interesting topic that is worth reporting: why are tobacco-funded smokers' rights organizations taking such a meek approach to smoking bans even when they are draconian and clearly infringing on decency and even human rights? We take this opportunity to say that FORCES does not have any "serious" problem with Big Tobacco-funded Smokers Rights Groups (BT-SRGs). However, this is an opportunity to highlight that FORCES and BT-SRGs are "different animals" altogether, with profoundly different natures that seem to coincide only on the surface topic. That does not mean that a common enemy cannot be fought but, unfortunately, being tobacco-funded (which is neither 'immoral' nor 'wrong') encompasses limits that BT-SRGs must observe. Overstep those limits and the money dries up."

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