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Property Rights and the Balance of Reason | FORCES International
Article Published: Nov. 2005

Published By: FORCES International

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The paper that was controversial even amongst smokers rights groups.

"SRGs have moved from the tobacco-sponsored formula of “tolerance and courtesy” to the platform of rights: human, constitutional, property and so on. But is this a promising approach? Since the introduction of property rights into the debate about smoking this rationale has been beset with moral, philosophical and logical inconsistencies that - consciously or not - have been sensed by the public. This explains the SRGs’ limited expansion as well as their consistent political failures: so far and in over two decades, there has been no permanent victory by these groups even when they were endowed with hefty budgets from the tobacco industry. Why? This short paper seeks to explain the reasons, and in doing so it attempts to explain why there is an urgent need of putting property rights into a broader context to counter antismoking strategies efficiently."

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