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Denying the Undeniable: A Response to "Nicotine Nazis Strike again" | Gian Turci for the FORCES International BOD
Article Published: Dec. 2008

Funding Source: This work has received no funding from actors and financers of the tobacco control controversy, such as tobacco or pharmaceutical multinationals.
Published By: FORCES International

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About two months ago Tobacco Control published a paper by Nick Schneider and Stanton Glantz, by the title “Nicotine Nazis strike again: a brief analysis of the use of Nazi rhetoric in attacking tobacco control advocacy”. In the paper, the “sticky” nickname of Health Nazis, now universally used by any opponent to define Tobacco Control, is discussed. Clearly that definition disturbs antitobacco and its pharmaceutical friends. Needless to say, by the reckoning of Tobacco Control itself, this is all the tobacco industry’s doing.

Direct and reasoned analysis of the "Nicotine Nazi" paper, and the truth of the comparison underlying it, has so far been lacking. That gap is now filled by the response paper accessible via title link above. This response provides an in-depth analysis of why the Nazi definition has become so popular.

More comments and presentation of this paper are available by clicking here.

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