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EXPOSURES TO SECOND-HAND SMOKE LOWER THAN BELIEVED, ORNL STUDY FINDS Added February 12, 2000 -FORCES linked with this study before the "discovery" of it by the press. It is logged in the ETS section of our scientific evidence archive, together with a monumental amount of other evidence relaying the propaganda against passive smoking. The fact is, however, that lower exposure for something that is not proven to be harmful in the first place does nothing but confirm the postulation.

We are pleased that SOME of the press has made the discovery, though we are ready to bet that the mass media will underplay (or totally ignore) this unpteenth piece of evidence that, once again, highlights the moral and professional corruption of the anti-tobacco cartel and its minions, which ignore any reality that does not conform with their fascist agenda.

Click here for a link to this well-illustrated study.

PRELUDE TO PROHIBITION" AL AND LUCKY HOPE SO! Added January 9, 2000 - RENEWED CONCERN OVER SECONDHAND SMOKE - In an unusual "leak" of information, antitobacco cartel member BBC has published an interesting letter in the "Wolrd: Letters from America" section. Perhaps the letter escaped the internal Polit Bureau! Here a reader warns about the frauds and histeria on secondhand smoke -- and a new piece of junk science on gene alteration due to ETS (if you can believe that) that has been, of course, stategically release in sync with the US Supreme Court decision process on the FDA regulation on tobacco. If the Supreme Court decides in favour of the antitobacco criminal cartel, the first chapter of the Second Prohibition will have been written. Of course, secondhand smoke is not dangerous, but that is of no relevance to a criminal state agenda, and to those corrupt scientists who keep pocketing money and irresponsibly fueling hysteria that has no foundation whatsoever.

The BBC reader closes this letter with a warning those who are not yet affected by the antitobacco cancer should really think about: ' But there is strong opposition outside the tobacco companies to having tobacco declared illegal. Why" Because by now, surely, the only people licking their lips over the prospect of a national prohibition of tobacco mustbe the rising generation of Al Capones and Dutch Schultzes and Lucky Lucianos who for 13 long years ruled over the huge underground criminal empire of bootleggers, created to satisfy the appetite for alcohol in people who formerly had never had any taste or desire for it. '

' I've not heard of any government medical official looking at this prospect and shuddering.Maybe somebody should paste up at the entrance to the Food and Drug Administration's headquarters a large sign saying simply: "Been there, done that." '

SMOKE AND MIRRORS: THE EPA'S FLAWED STUDY OF ENVIRONMENTAL TOBACCO SMOKE AND LUNG CANCER - By Gary L. Huber, Robert E. Brockie, and Vijay K. Mahajan The CATO Institute - "The EPA bases its conclusions not on any definitive set of data demonstrating causality, but on a generalized "total weight of evidence" that, in aggregate, implied causality to the EPA. In reaching those conclusions, the EPA ignored classic criteria for cause-and-effect relationships employed by the scientific community."

THE SECOND-HAND SMOKE CHARADE - By Dominick Armentano (The CATO Institute) - "It now turns out that the influential 1993 EPA report "Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking: Lung Cancer and Other Disorders" was as phony as a three-dollar bill. State officials and private businesses that believed that ETS was a public health danger (and not just a nuisance) were completely misled by the EPA. And, of course, so was main street American public opinion."

Lies about the 'demon weed' - "Because of the powerful indoctrination forces working both on the domestic and global front, literally billions of people have been led to believe that all forms of smoking will slowly kill you, that smokers themselves are immoral and thoughtless boobs, and that anyone who wants to sue the tobacco companies into oblivion ought to be able to, truth about their products be damned."

How dangerous is second-hand smoke" -- Studies cite low risk, contradict new global tobacco treaty - "As the United Nations and the World Health Organization put the finishing touches on a new global treaty designed to curb worldwide tobacco use and advertising, controversy has arisen from a previous -- but little publicized -- study completed by WHO in March 1998 concluding there is no link between second-hand smoke and cancer."

The World According to ASH - The wave of private lawsuits about secondhand smoking sweeping through the United States is mainly due to ASH. We have to give them credit for that. We indeed have to recognize that this putrid organization has been successful in pitting neighbour against neighbour, worker against employer, wife against husband, and friend against friend, and all based on a colossal lie. In the article there is an interesting admission between the lines: "You don't have to prove it's a health risk, you just have to say'I shouldn't have to live with this stink' ". If fact, you cannot prove that secondhand smoke is a heath risk. Good move, ASH, but too transparent. And talking about stink, why then do we have to live with ASH, when even the company of a turd is immensely preferable"

John Banzhaff, boss of this bunch of no-goods, is a law school professor, and can rely on his students for his socially destructive campaign of intimidation. It is obvious that this kind of scum believes in the motto: "If you smoke, first I'll sue you, then I'll know you". How long people are going to be afraid of this bully" How much damage must this individual and his organization has to do to society before he is stopped" Here is one hint: ASH is not exempt from a lawsuit, either. Soon, on the new FORCESINTERNATIONAL site there will be a section dedicated to how to deal with moral and legal intimidation. ASH has become the McCarthy of tobacco. It is high time that we start working to end ASH's career the same way McCarthy's was ended. Smokers will not be intimidated into submission anymore.

England: a Step in the Right Direction: Return to Common Sense - "Littlewoods chain of shops to reintroduce smoking in most of its restaurants. The high street store chain said its decision to reverse a ban put in place two years ago was made after pressure from customers. Designated smoking areas will now be put into over half the restaurants operated by the Liverpool-based organization." Well done, Littlewoods! We are sure that your customers will come back now! Of course the fanatics of ASH spit the usual bunch of false information, stating that the health of nonsmokers it is "put at risk", while the rest of the health gang barks that "nonsmokers" have the right to "clean" air. Well the air is pretty clean as it is, for the emissions outside are of equal or greater value than the emission in a smoking environment. And what about the right of smokers to a smoking environment"

Australia - a Step in the Wrong Direction: Banning Smoking in Restaurants - In the most draconian anti-smoking crackdown in Australia, it will be impossible to puff away in the majority of eating, drinking and entertainment areas. While the anti-tobacco Cartel is celebrating another victory in pushing the lies on secondhand smoke, the people who have to earn a living are already worried, and legal challenges are on the way to defeat the antismoking criminals, and their irresponsible politicians in that nation. If there is something the international antismoking Cartel is achieving, is to slowly create a solidarity and an international brotherhood of smokers from the countries who have chosen to buy the package of lies, and to implement oppression. And it's this international brotherhood that will eventually defeat the Prohibition.

Tobacco Tax a Bundle of Ironies - The absurdities of the proposed tobacco taxation is well described in this article by Amy Ridenour, who starts with a seldom known -- but very true -- observation: "Did you know that airline air was better back when smoking was allowed on planes"" Because of the lies about secondhand smoking, the antismoking Cartel has managed to have smoking forbidden in planes, against any scientific truth and common sense. Result" As far as we can see, the airlines are telling the public this: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to offer you a smoke-free environment, and allow you to freely exchange colds, flu and even tuberculosis. Thank you for choosing American Airlines, the company that knows what's good for you. We love to lie, and it shows."

England: Nurse Claims Damage From Secondhand Smoke - Judge: Get Out Of Here! - HURRAH for Mr Justice Holland who has ruled in favour of scientific rigor and common sense. This British landmark case will set the tone for other lawsuits that are instigated by antismoking Cartel organizations such as ASH, whose sole purposes are to inducelitigation and intolerance among the population, and spread scientific misinformation for political ends. And you know what's best" According to British law, the nurse was also ordered to pay the costs of defending her action and to hand over £5,000 that had been lodged with the court in advance. What a beautiful day in England! The nurse stated in anger that "This is not going to go away." And neither will we.

Smokescreens - "Is the body that wiped out smallpox and has done so much to promote mass vaccination losing its way" In recent weeks the reputation of the World Health Organization (WHO) has suffered a number of blows, as critics have accused it of bowing to political pressures rather than publishing unpalatable research findings." These are the words of The Economist. Polite, to put it mildly. In the straight language of clarity, however, we may add that when an international organization is controlled by one nation, it has to sing the tune of the guy who issues the payroll. For a long time, the WHO has been a vehicle to propagate the US politics around the world. We all know the anti-smoking agenda of the White House is. As far as The Economist stating that "smoking is the fastest growing killer after AIDS," the journalists of that paper need to be informed on how SAMMEC works, and then they would have another nice scandal to talk about. (Link to Steven Milloy's Junk Science page)

Smoking Out Bad Science - The medical demographer for the Cambridge-based European Science and Environment Forum speaks out on the secondhand smoke study outrage - "... it is now obvious that the health hazard of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) has been knowingly overstated. The only large-scale definitive study on ETS was designed in 1988 by a WHO subgroup called the International Agency on Research on Cancer (IARC). It compared 650 lung-cancer patients with 1,542 healthy people in seven European countries. The results were expressed as "risk ratios," where the normal risk for a non-smoker of contracting lung cancer is set at one. Exposure to tobacco smoke in the home raised the risk to 1.16 and to smoke in the workplace to 1.17. This supposedly represents a 16% or 17% increase. But the admitted margin of error is so wide -- 0.93 to 1.44 -- that the true risk ratio could be less than one, making second-hand smoke a health benefit." We link to the junkscience website.

Olympic-Caliber Hypocrisy - "Who knows, tobacco money could soon be going to finance snowboard competitions across the country. Then money raised from tobacco smokers could be used to maintain the marijuana lifestyle of snowboarders." Columnist Terence Corcoran of the Globe and Mail remarks on the smoke Canadian politicians are blowing over smoke -- of both the cannabis and cigarette varieties.

Smoke Alarm - Reason Magazine's Jacob Sullum quotes the scientists who admit the lack of evidence that secondhand smoke is dangerous. So why is the secondhand smoke scare being used to ostracize smokers" "In the pursuit of a smoke-free society, as in the pursuit of tobacco profits, truth is expendable." We link to the pages of Reason. - By Jacob Sullum

Should Americans Be Concerned With The Toxicity Of Second-Hand Smoke" - It's a lot easier to scare people than it is to unscare them. When guilt is added to fear, the task is even tougher. Americans have been convinced that environmental tobacco smoke or ETS, is dangerous. Of course they're frightened, and smokers have been made to feel guilty. They fear they are hurting, maybe killing others - maybe even their own children. But these highly publicized claims from seemingly trustworthy sources don't hold up under close scrutiny. - By Sara Mahler-Vossler

Casualties Of The War on Smoking: Truth, Freedom, Fairness, And Children - A bold, to-the-point denunciation and rebuttal of the infamous lies and misrepresentations of the antismoking movement -- and the governments supporting -- it by mathematician Rosalind B. Marimont.

There Is No Tobacco Allergy - ...Ever noticed that in the last few years we have witnessed the appearance of allergies to tobacco" Tobacco allergy claims are classic junk science. There is no tobacco smoke antigen. It seems that the lies of the anti-tobacco industry are capable to transcend even nature. Hey antismoker "scientists", what about asking for a few million dollars as a grant to induce Nature to create a new antigen" - By Carol Thompson

ETS Does Not Cause Otitis Media - In light of the most recent release of another manipulated EPA report (concluding -- how did we guess -- that more funds are required to create further evidence: more on that report on future issues of FORCES Canada), Carol brings forward and comments on uncorrupted studies demonstrating that ETS does not cause otitis in children, or adults. The two-faced, double-talk and schizophrenic misrepresentation of facts is becoming a trademark of the EPA when dealing with the smoking issue. - By Carol Thompson

Secondhand Smoke And Mirrors - Read this. Really READ IT!


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