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Picking on the elderly

Dear Isobel McCall,

If you are the person responsible for instigating the rulingthat the elderly in sheltered homes will be fined £50 forsmoking in their own gardens, then you must be congratulated.

I congratulate you and your brave officers for your courage  in tackling these elderly yobs, as some of them would have beenold soldiers who fought the Nazis for your freedom, and for youto use this freedom to take away theirs, in their twilightyears, shows great bravery, in the face of compassion. To havedevised this plan you must be well read on the 'Great HealthRegime of 1930's Nazi Germany',so you're  intelligent too. Youreally do have much going for you Isobel. You are to beadmired.  To rob and humiliate defencless, old men and women,who paid their taxes, fought for their country, scrimped andsaved all their lives, can't be easy, I do feel for you. It'sdreadfully shameful, yes, perhaps the lowest, most shameful,despicable action from a council I've ever heard of, but noteasy. Rest assured, you're made of the right stuff.

You should be commended, and the public should be made aware ofyour talents, and I will certainly do my best in that area.Council officers of your calibre, with that level ofpetty-mindedness and vindictive intention ard total lack ofconscience, are perfect candidates for the era of oppressionthat we are now entering in Britain. It is truly masterful howyou have taken the smoking ban legistlation, and turned it intoexcuse for authoritarian behaviour, targeting the mostvulnerable in our society, and then passing it off as justanother council directive, no problem, more money for thecoffers, and not expecting or tolerating any derision.  For thatis the job now that the 'passive smoking fraud'  (which will berevealed in the not too distant future) has taken a grip on allsense and reason, and this is just the beginning.

I really marvel how you, and other 'enforcers', have, with suchenthusiasm,  emmersed yourselves in the selfrighteous anddictatorial cloud that is beginning to fall on this country,mistakenly thinking it will lead to a brighter future for all,but oppression never does, it never does. It's been tried beforeyou see, and the very people you are oppressing had to deal withit then. How does that make you feel" Humble" It should.

For playing a part in destroying reasonable debate, spreadingintolerance, fear, misinformation, and fueling division andhatred in England, you have been honoured.Happy"

-- Eamonn Mallon









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