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Dear Paul Schneidereit,

Us "die-hard tobacco addicts" would LOVE to discuss the health effects of passive smoke. We have an entire site dedicated to the frauds about it and active smoke (, and for the purpose to expose liars and scaremongers. Let us discuss it in public, PLEASE. We officially invite you to a public forum, totally uncensored and uncut, where you can freely discuss all about the 4,000 chemicals of passive smoke, in all their infinitesimal amounts as long as you like on an on-going basis. We also propose to discuss the manipulated statistics about passive smoke, the false death and disease attributions, and so on. To attract you more, we give you a further advantage: you are free to bring in as many "experts" as you want - the more known and publicly visible, the better. What more can we offer"

Please, prove us wrong - DEMONSTRATE where all the diseases from passive smoke come from and how -- since you obviously have neither hesitation nor shame to state that in public. Bring your "mountain of evidence",and data. We receive over 13 million visits per year from all over the world; we offer you unprecedented exposure - never mind little Nova Scotia. You have a chance to make it big world-wide!

Let us put emotions aside, and make it fair and square: you simply bring your evidence of corruption of science by the tobacco industry, and we bring our evidence of corruption of science by the pharmaceutical industry that pushes antitobacco. Let us just see which one is bigger -- and imagine: we are not even funded by the tobacco industry! We promise you that we will not be self-righteous if you promise not to be as well. We will be more than happy to entertain you -- and to reply.I propose that we discuss the funding of the "activists" antismoking groups as well.

Come on, have no fear. If you have nothing to hide and tell no lie, you should be more than happy to take up our offer;please, make time for this opportunity. If you do not take up our offer, however, we have a reply to your question -- and a question for you: we smoke tobacco. And you, what do you take in that compels you to misinform the public so much, and makes you so hateful"

Looking forward to your official reply. 


Gian Turci
C.E.O. FORCES International

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