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Thebogus "level playing field"

From the Hawaii Reporter, January30, 2007, "Bill Reverses Hawaii's Smoking Ban In Bars,Nightclubs and Restaurants," by Rep. Colleen Meyer (R-Kaaawa)"

"Honolulu - I drafted andintroduced Bill H.B. No. 792 in the Hawaii  State House ofRepresentatives to exempt bars, nightclubs, and restaurants from the complete ban on smoking, provided thatexterior  signage adequately warns the public that smokingis allowed within.    I'm very concerned with thecalls my office is receiving about the loss of revenue thatsmall business owners are experiencing across the state sincethe statewide smoking ban went into affect in November. Manylong time business establishments have closed in other statesdue to the passage of smoking ban legislation and hundreds ofothers are limping along with revenues 30 to 50 percent of whatthey were before the ban. This is really a piece of common senselegislation that would allow a choice for both business ownersand their patrons. I was joined by Representatives RidaCabanilla, Karen Awana, Tom Brower, Cindy Evans and Gene Ward inthe signing of this bill. . . . A U.S. Supreme court decisionduring the early 1970's ((Lloyd Corp v. Tanner, 407 U.S. 551(1992)) said a place of business does not become public propertybecause the public is invited in. So, by that same reasoning. Arestaurant or bar is not public property.  We need tosupport small business and stop regulating them out ofbusiness."

One would think that Hawaii wouldhave provided the ultimate  "level playing field". In fact; there isno such thing as a "level playing field", never has been, and neverwill be. Businesses are not only in competition with each other; butalso, with customers staying at home.  Money wise; businessesare completely incapable of competing with the savings of staying athome.

Why pay  $12  for 4 beers, when forthat same $12  you can buy a 12 pack of the same beer at the grocerystore"

Why pay $20 for 4 glasses of wine,when for that same $20 you can buy 2 bottles of  the same wine atthe grocery store"

Why pay $50 for food,$20 for wine,and $14 for a tip=$84,when you could do take-out and save 1/2 theprice of the wine and all of the tip= $24"

Most of the time my wife and I patronize  4 restaurants. All offer full-menu take out service andthe one nonsmoking restaurant offers full-menu home delivery. Wecheerfully go to the smoking restaurants because we like the ownersand wait staff. We never dine at the nonsmoking  restaurant; if wewant their food, it is delivered. The loss of tips for the waitstaff is unfortunate.

If a waitress loses the tips from oneperson like me per shift, that is a loss of wages of about $4000 peryear. That is $4000 less with which to take care of her children.

I can not think of one bar/tavernthat does carryout or home delivery.

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