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In Defense of Smokers

by Lauren A. Colby

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Hysteria
Chapter 2: The Burden of Proof
Chapter 3: The World Scene
Chapter 4: The U.S.A.: A Smoking Laboratory
Chapter 5: Some Studies that Went Wrong
Chapter 6: The Propaganda Machine
Chapter 7: The Surgeon General's Reports Lauren A. Colby
Author of
In Defense of Smokers

You can e-mail himfor comments and questions. Worried about the latest cancer scare" Read the Addendum Or, click on Harding to readan entertaining story about Prohibition with implications for our own time.

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Chapter 8: Smoking Myths and the Role of Detection Bias
Chapter 9: Smoking Animals
Chapter 10: Is There No Risk"
Chapter 11: Is Nicotine Addictive"
Chapter 12: Smoking and Heart Attacks
Chapter 13: Summation

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