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Federal Court Announces That Epa 'science' Has No Clothes

Thursday July 23, 3:17 pm Eastern Time

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SOURCE: Small Business Survival Committee

Federal Court Announces That EPA 'Science' Has No Clothes

WASHINGTON, July 23 /PRNewswire/ -- With federal judge throwing out the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) claimed ``science'' on secondhand smoke, the agency is open to even more scrutiny by the courts, taxpayers, and the regulated community, according to the Small Business Survival Committee (SBSC) -- a national, nonprofit, small business advocacy organization.

A Federal judge last week threw out what the EPA had claimed was ``science'' -- its risk assessment that secondhand smoke (environmental tobacco smoke, or ETS), causes cancer in nonsmokers. That risk assessment, of course, led to numerous localities banning smoking in commercial and/or public areas. This sacrifice of countless small businesses on the altar of political correctness, or political agenda, we now know to be unjustified, and merely part of a PC jihad.

In a scathing opinion, the court stated ``EPA publicly committed to a conclusion before research had begun ... adjusted scientific procedure and scientific norms to validate the Agency's public conclusion, and aggressively utilized authority to disseminate findings to establish a de facto regulatory scheme intended to restrict Plaintiff's products and to influence public opinion.''

``As the Clinton/Gore EPA has a history of publicly proclaiming its result before research supporting it exists, this opinion has impacts reaching far beyond that study, and will likely be felt for years as impacted parties proceed with their own long standing complaints of similar behavior,'' stated SBSC Regulatory Counsel Christopher Homer.

In attempting to ``justify'' her Agency's policy-driving-science, EPA Administrator Carol Browner stated it is ``commonly accepted'' that what EPA claimed to be true -- but could not seem to prove -- is reality.

Now, other Agency efforts long derided as policy-driven science, face scrutiny and likely similar fate. The endangered include recent rules to further restrict particulate matter and ozone, justifying which the Administrator claimed 40,000 unnecessary deaths a year, (then 20,000, then 15,000, and now 10,000,) with the reductions following scientists gaining stolen glimpses of EPA's risk assessment. In fact, these rules were ``justified'' by saying they were addressing the same risk as presented by ETS. Indeed.

Also under scrutiny will be ``backdoor implementation'' of the Kyoto Protocol addressing the theory of ``global warming,'' the dioxin reassessment, and a host of other studies where the Agency has been criticized by both the regulated and the scientific communities as having clearly arrived at their ``answer'' first, and directed its scientists and allies to ``get them there.'' Also, with the cat out of the bag, failed past attempts at circumventing legal requirements and scientific standards, such as the Agency's insistence on developing ways to phase out the use of chlorine -- a basic building block of modern chemistry and commercial activity -- without ever conducting the science as to whether that was justified or justifiable, must be tried more creatively if they are to stand a chance.

``EPA is on notice that the courts are on to their activities, as the small business community has been for some time,'' added Homer.

For more information please contact Renee Stikes at 202-785-0238 or www.sbsc.org

SOURCE: Small Business Survival Committee

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