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SMOKED OUT: Anti-Tobacco Activism at theWorld Bank - Areview of:Curbing TheEpidemic: Governments And The Economics Of Tobacco Control, World Bank, 1999- Scathing review of theabout the World Bank report that, like everything related to anti-tobacco, has very littleto do with reality and much to do with a political agenda of frauds, political andeconomic schizophrenia, and economic extortion of smokers. The report, written by RichardTren and Hugh High, is published by the INSTITUTE OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS

 "The World Bank (WB) hasjoined the World Health Organisation (WHO) in a world war on tobacco. As its initialbroadside, the WB recently published an astonishing report. The following paper exposesthe many follies and economic errors in what is not a decent economic study, but adocument for crusaders."

The Governmental Composition Of TheInsurance Costs Of Smoking - By W. Kip Viscusi - The estimated health risksfrom smoking have significant external financial consequences for society. Studies at thenational level indicate that cigarettes are self-financing since external costs such asthose due to illnesses are offset by cost savings associated with premature death, chieflypension costs. This paper extends this analysis to all 50 states and considers the costsconsidered in the state attorneys general suits against the cigarette industry. Cigarettesare always self-financing from the standpoint of costs to each state. The extent of thecost savings is less than at the federal level. However, smokers' higher medical costs areoutweighed by reduced nursing home expenditures, lower pension costs, and excise taxes,where each of these factors alone usually exceeds the medical cost effect.
SMOKERS'COST TO SOCIETY, EH" - Far toooften we hear the antismoking lobbyists from the various ministries of health makingdramatic accusations of smokers' cost to society, in the attempt to force them to feelguilty, and change their behaviour. The following chart may help make Canadian smokersaware of the economic importance, and power. Canadian smokers contribute to their economy 4.5times more than their American counterparts.  Canadian Smokers' Contribution To TaxRevenue 1989 Through 1997
StateCigarette Excise Taxes Collected -- Cigarette Excise Taxes By State
The operatives of the antitobacco lobbycontinue to mislead taxpayers about smokers' cost to society. In fact, the contributionof  smokers to society is so high, we have reason to feel VERY proud - as well ascontemptuous of the antismoking parasites, who are leaching enormous amounts of money fromthe system, and getting rich while falsifying information on a full-time basis. We linkwith the RJR website for a detailed account of smokers' contributions in 1997. Pleasedownload and examine these figures every time the Ministry of Health throws its scum atyou. Here is a teaser: TOTAL SMOKERS' DIRECT TAX CONTRIBUTION TO THE US ECONOMY IN1997:$7,306,959,000 (Canadianequivalent: 9,864,394,650)
The Health Care Costs of Smoking- Conclusions: If people stopped smoking, there would be a savings in health carecosts, but only in the short term. Eventually, smoking cessation would lead to increasedhealth care costs. (N Engl J Med 1997;337:1052-7.)
Smoking Not A Factor In Work Absences -Conclusions: "Absence with respiratorycomplaints was not associated with age, height, body mass index, or smoking."  According to a study from the Netherlands smokers are no more likely tomiss work because of respiratory problems than are non-smokers.
Smokers' Burden On Society: Myth andReality in Canada - The racketeers of the Ministries of Health tell us thatsmokers are a burden on society. This Canadian study performed in 1992 by André Raynauld(Senior Fellow) and Jean-Pierre Vidal of the Institute for Research and Public Policy,demonstrates that in the worst case scenario smokers support non-smokers at the tune of$4.3 billion -- that's 4,300 million dollars a year, net, after considering theextra health expenses!  With this kind of money, we don't ask for accommodation, weDEMAND it!   We are tired of supporting both non-smokers, and the parasiticgovernment that is oppressing us.
The US Congressional ResearchStudy On Smokers' Cost To Society - Cigarette Taxes to Fund Health Care Reform: An Economic Analysis - Aconclusive -- and not well known -- US congressional study proving conclusively that thepicture painted by the antismokers' propaganda is yet another lie. A real eye-opener forthose who are convinced that smokers exact a financial cost on society.
Congressional Research Service - The Proposed Tobacco Settlement: Who Pays for the Health Costs of Smoking" - Jane G. Gravelle - Economics Division - Updated April 30, 1998 - "Smoking has apparently brought financial gain to both the federal and state governments, especially when tobacco taxes are taken into account. In general, smokers do not appear to currently impose net financial costs on the rest of society." To download the document in PDF format, click here. To obtain a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.
Lies, Damn Lies... - A CLOSER LOOK AT STATISTICS ONSMOKING AND HEALTH - In these twolearned papers Professor Finch does not challenge the often heavily qualified findings ofvarious researchers on the possible effect of smoking on health. As a professionalstatistician, his only interest is in the way such "facts" are presented to theinnocent public for the purposes of propaganda, thus in Part I he documents how publicopinion has been turned - often viciously - against smokers for fear of contagion by'passive smoking'. It turns out that available research provides no acceptable scientificbasis for such a trumped-up danger.

InPart II he provides a further corrective to alarmist health warnings which can be graspedwithout specialist statistical knowledge.

 Prof. Peter Finch has been FoundationProfessor of Mathematical Statistics at Monash University, Australia, since 1964. He hascontributed to countless scholarly journals including The British Journal for thePhilosophy of Science, Information Sciences, The Australian Journal of Statistics, TheJournal of the Royal Statistical Society, Acta Mathematica Scientia, Biometrics, TheEuropean Journal of Cancer and Clinical Oncology, as well as to such books as ThePhilosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, The Encyclopedia of StatisticalScience and The Foundations of Statistical Theories in the Physical Sciences.


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