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March 6 - THE FIRST RULING ON MANSLAUGHTER BY PASSIVE SMOKE: WHY IS INTERNATIONAL PROPAGANDA SILENT" - Friday, March 1. The Italian media report that the very first ruling in the world on manslaughter from passive smoke exposure has been issued. In short, this is the story. 

In 1999 a 35-year-old woman who suffers from intense allergies is working at a bank.  She does not smoke and shares the office with smokers. One day, the woman dies of respiratory complications while at work. The bank is charged with criminal negligence for allowing smoking in its offices. The heavy Italian judicial machine is set into motion. Last Friday, notwithstanding the total lack of evidence on the dangers of passive smoke, and passive smoke-and-asthma, an Italian court fines the defendants 50.000 Euros , sentences them to three months in jail, and opens the door to civil litigation for a much larger sum. The Italian media rush to report the news, and help to create the climate of terror and paranoia necessary to implement voluntary restriction of smoking in the workplace.  There are no laws in Italy preventing smoking in a private workplace.

After the decision, the defendant’s lawyer exclaims: "We are facing an incredible decision, as there is no causal link between the smoke and the death" – perhaps demonstrating, in this way, a naive attitude on the dirty politics of antitobacco - not (yet) an exceptional case in this country. The decision, of course, has been appealed, and will most likely be reversed.

We have scanned the international news. Virtual silence. Not even the foreign antismoking gangs have picked it up.  We expected it to spread like wildfire in the forest of disinformation on smoking, thanks to the international antismoking propaganda machine. Why the silence"

The reason comes to light the day after as the Corriere della Sera, the largest daily in Italy, read by about 11 million people, reports the story but – unlike the other media – also mentions the statement of the deceased's mother after the court decision:

"…The position of the mother of the deceased runs counter to that of the court. According to her, her daughter could not have died because of passive smoke, but because of the strong allergy to a food she ate during lunch [of the day she died]. The mother not only has not sued for damages, but branded as "shameful" the behavior of her son-in-law who, although aware of the real reasons for the death of the wife, decided to start a law suit to squeeze money anyway [out of the bank]."

If they are not crooks, they are not antismokers. Click here  to link to the original article (Italian). 


March 7 - Science Fiction -  "The words "science" and "scientist" seem to exercise a totemic hold over the minds of many Americans, who prostrate themselves before both with complete faith in their beneficence and infallibility. Science has served this society well, but Americans had better begin to recognize the frequency with which science falsely is invoked — and sometimes even manipulated — to advance political and bureaucratic agendas."

Federal biologists were caught planting the fur of the Canadian lynx in Washington State.  Had they gotten away with the fraud the territory in which they claimed to have found the endangered cat's hair samples would have been effectively declared off-limits for the public.

This example of agenda trumping scientific integrity is hardly unique.  The Environmental Protection Agency set out to prove that secondhand smoke was hazardous to the health of non-smokers.  After numerous attempts, the ideologues at the agency gave up playing fair and resorted to juggling the data and cooking the books.  Their final product, the infamous secondhand smoke report, is the foundation upon which all the smoking bans are built. The secondhand smoke report is as fraudulent as the lynx fur scam perpetrated by the federal biologists and four years ago the report was vacated by a federal judge. 

In each of the three cases discussed in this article from Insight Magazine, as well the EPA's secondhand smoke scam, the violators are public employees.  Hundreds of millions of dollars were lost because of one of the frauds.  When the finally tally is finally written for the secondhand smoke fraud, the losses will be in the billions.

In the private sector the perpetrators would be fined and most likely jailed, in the public sector they all retain their jobs with, as yet, no penalties for their actions

The Smoking Epidemic: Death And Sickness Among Australian Smokers"On balance there is little  evidence to suggest that the ages at death of smokers are substantially younger than those at which non-smokers die."

This authoritative paper concerns the Anti-Smoking Scientific Fraud in general.  Year after year,  the anti-tobacco groups continue to construct a complex and intertwined body of misinformation that ranges from "creative interpretation" to outright fraud.  This is the colossal problem facing those who are dedicated to the principles of sound science and to the exposure of the anti-tobacco fraud. How is it possible to demonstrate to the layperson decades of systematic scientific deceit and sloppy, biased work" Politicians and lay people are intimidated by the massive amount of information created by the anti-tobacco cartel and most of them accept it on the basis of "faith," and as confirmation of the popular and undefined "smoking is no good for you" folklore.  

Read for yourself this thoughtful analysis of the "prevailing wisdom."  

Playing with attributions - A real race is going on between antitobacco propagandists to establish who comes up with the largest, most catastrophic figures to ever more bamboozle the population on smoking… Like skilled jugglers, public health "big" names, with as many clues on the etiopathogenesis of cancer (and other disease) as they have honesty, mislead the public into false beliefs and fears, and then further manipulate their own statistical disinformation to make it appear as if they were right in the first place. This is what happens when dissenting scientific opposition is slayed, intimidated, and gagged by politically correct media servants; and when scientific journals, now controlled by the pharmaceutical multinationals, refuse to publish anything that disagrees with the party line on tobacco. The fact is, as the lung cancer deaths may have decreased in certain countries, other forms of cancer have increased; with an unknown etiopathogenesis, it is impossible to know if cancer, which hits lungs predominantly in smokers, just hits other organs in non smokers; whether it is at any rate unavoidable if predisposition exists, although others even argue it is an infection. It is therefore impossible to tell what would have happened if a person would not have smoked! And this is the great fraud of cancer "prevention": you cannot prevent what you don't know the origin of -- that's why, nowadays, almost everything "causes" cancer.  But let us have some fun with this article...

"The work also provides the first prediction of the number of tobacco deaths that will occur worldwide in the next 100 years if smoking patterns persist - 1 billion, compared to 100 million in the last century - and how many deaths could be avoided if people quit." WOW! So, even assuming that smoking is as bad as they say, these medical people have absolutely no trust in the progress of medicine! And, by the way, are they implying that the ability to diagnose cancer is the same in 2001 and it was in 1901"

"Lung cancer is second only to heart disease as the leading killer of smokers in Europe and the United States. Tobacco has been linked to more than 20 other diseases and kills half of lifelong smokers." -- Wrong! So far, about 100 diseases have been attributed to smoking by junk science - the cause of not even one can be proven to be smoking, of course, but that is beside the point.

Try this: "If current smoking patterns continue, worldwide tobacco deaths will rise from 4 million a year now to about 10 million a year around 2030, an increase of about 100 million a decade. If trends continue, [Peto] predicted about 15 percent of all adult deaths worldwide in the second half of the 21st century will be due to tobacco. … But the latest study found that only 2 percent of those who quit by 30 developed the disease by age 75, compared with a 0.4 percent chance for people who have never smoked. It found that 10 percent of those who quit at 60 will die of lung cancer, and that continuing to smoke into old age results in a 16 percent risk. … ``Such changes would avoid about 20 million or 30 million tobacco deaths in the first quarter of the century and would avoid about 150 million in the second quarter,'' his study said." We will neither waste valuable FORCES space in debating nonsensical speculations, nor we will bore readers by pointing out over 20 bits of disinformation in this piece. ``We absolutely must not neglect current smokers,'' Smith (American Cancer Society) said. ``We have essentially given up on them. Giving up smoking is largely considered a private matter between a smoker and his conscience.'' Bet all your junk science on that, Mr. Smith. Talking about conscience, what does your conscience tell you about the systematic misrepresentation of the facts on smoking"
Fact Sheet on Smoking and Statistics - From Forest UK.
doc04.gif (346 bytes)Lies, Damned Lies & 400,000 Smoking-Related Deaths - Robert A. Levy and Rosalind Marimont have written a provocative analysis on the statistical distortions represented by the 400,000 "deaths" caused by tobacco smoking. The analysis is published by the Cato Institute journal "REGULATION."  Don't miss the number of "premature" deaths that occur in people over 80 years of age.
Those 400,000 Smoking "Victims" Live Longer Than the Rest of Us! - ACCORDING TO THE CDC's OWN DATA, AND SAMMEC PROGRAM, the smokers who die "prematurely" are actually LIVING LONGER THAN NON-SMOKERS! Rosalind Marimont, a retired mathematician, has supplied us with this preliminary report, and much more will come soon. How do you define a "premature death"" We hear this term all the time, but what does it mean, exactly" There is a technical definition of premature death, used by the members of the cartel to keep themselves with a foot out of jail, but you'll be surprised to find out what it is. - DEFINITION OF PREMATURE DEATH: A death is called "premature" if it occurs at a time when life expectancy is still greater than zero, which means effectively at any age at all.  So the statement is misleading, but not technically fraudulent.  It is just a matter of fitting it into the hot political agenda of the moment by twitching a few parameters here and there, beating the drum, and voila! - you've created the perception of a public health emergency.  Please note that any "smoking-related" death IS AUTOMATICALLY LISTED AS "PREMATURE".
Quantifying The Disease Impact Of Cigarette Smoking With SAMMEC II Software - Here we present a "different" kind of evidence, that is, the "evidence" routinely used to "prove" the epidemic figures concerning the death toll of smoking and its cost to society.  Have you ever wondered how they come up with 400,000+ casualties of smoking" Do you think that there is a body count, and the figures are real" Not at all. They are computer-generated figures based on vague assumptions coming from unreliable data.  We'll let the authors of the software used to compile these figures (SAMMEC II), point out their own deficiencies.   We then urge you to read the Commenting Editorial by Norman Kjono, who notes "If the key calculation figures are incorrect, the entire universe of reports includes, and often amplifies the error..."
Risk Attribution and Tobacco-Related Deaths - A British Columbia study disputing the exaggerations on the number of deaths attributed to tobacco. Layman version with reference charts.
Lying To Congress: SAMMEC Is A Faulty ProgramThe manipulation of statistical data exaggerating the number of tobacco-related deaths is discussed in this essay.
Does Smoking Really Cause 400,000 Deaths Yearly in the US" - Read the article and see the chart on how they estimate smoking related deaths per year. You'll find that the chart numbers they include to arrive at that figure are figures that they should not include in the estimated total.
The World's Oldest -- All Smokers - While this cannot really be considered scientific evidence, it is a fact nevertheless. The oldest people on Earth are all smokers. According to the US-financed World Health Organization and the statisticians of the anti-tobacco cartel, however, these are (or will be) all premature deaths, for the simple reason that they are smokers. Therefore, these individuals did (or will) add to the smoking epidemic figures that the assorted anti-tobacco organizations keep waving in front of politicians, media, and public.  FORCES whishes to thank Mrs. Wanda Hamilton for the usual meticulously, accurate work.


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