Antismoking Campaign In Nazi Germany

While the parallelism between the present health cartel and the Nazi Party cannot be overstated, here is another review of Robert Proctor's book: " The Nazi War on Cancer" by Peter Fritzsche.

While political correctness has forced Proctor to take safety distance from the advocates of free choice, his work, inescapably, blatantly demonstrates that totalitarianism and the use of health policy to control behaviour are one and the same.

This review is illustrated with several images of the time. One of them is modern, and the politically correct caption says: "In a 1995 advertisement, Philip Morris equates smokers with Jews for its purposes." If the purposes are freedom to smoke and to choose, then they are noble even if they have a commercial background. The commercial background is the same as the one of the pharmaceutical industry financing the anti-tobacco cartel's false information in order to sell ineffective smoking cessation devices.

ANTI-TOBACCO = NAZISM: Do you still think we are crazy? - Robert N. Proctor, in his new book "The Nazi War on Cancer"published by Princeton University Press turns a scholarly eye toward the question of science and public health in a fascist context. At a moment in history where we have entered a phase of health hysteria, it is timely for scholars to be doing this sort of examination.

The Original British Medical Journal's Study On Nazi Germany's Anti-Tobacco Campaign - Many Nazi leaders were vocal opponents of smoking. Many North American leaders are vocal opponents of smoking. Hitler was the most adamant against smoking, and so is Bill Clinton. The astonishing similarity of Nazi Germany's anti-tobacco campaign with the US/Canadian one should make us think very hard on where we are going. For lack of moral and political values and scarcity of uncorrupted science, nations tend to perceive social health as physical health.
The same lies. The same rethorics. The same reasons. The same rationale. The same extorsions. Are we becoming the same?

Smoking And Health Promotion In Nazi Germany - At FORCES,we have been accused many times to be out of place when comparing the antismoking propaganda with fascism and nazism. Many people believe that we are exaggerating, and one cannot compare smoking restrictions to the Nazi environment. Perhaps these people should check their history.

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